Athletic THERAPY

Why Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapy is best known for immediate on-field emergency care of professional and national athletes. Athletic Therapists use a thorough knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system, exercise physiology, biomechanics and basic emergency care to excel in the assessment and treatment of an injured individual. After assessing the injury, an Athletic Therapist will turn to a wide variety of rehabilitative techniques which might include soft tissue mobilization, physical exercise, stretching and supportive strapping to speed the healing.


Benefits from seeing an Athletic Therapist include:

  • Increase flexibility and range of motion throughout the body
  • Reduce joint and muscle pain
  • Increase in strength
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Returning to work and sport pain free
  • Learning various injury prevention techniques to avoid another injury in the future


Athletic Therapists can Treat:

  • Common injuries from falls, to daily activities and sports
  • Chronic and recurring conditions, pre-surgery and post-surgery
  • Emergencies at sporting events such as concussion, fractures, and spinal injuries
  • Workplace and motor vehicle accidents

I wanted to send a huge thank you to the therapist and the Port Hope physio team for getting my daughter Aidan ready for her summer of rodeo. Without your amazing team she would not have been ready to compete this summer and would still be in considerable pain as taking time off riding is not an option she would consider. 

The therapist worked with her to make sure she was comfortable with all of the stretches and exercises so that she could continue them on her own and it’s working. She is stronger and feeling better than ever. 

As promised this email also serves as a reminder that the RAM Rodeo Tour will be pulling into Peterborough at the Peterborough Ex Friday August 9. More info can be found on the RAM site: 

Who are Athletic Therapists?

  • Recognized by the letters CAT(C)
  • Skilled in active rehabilitation that assesses the whole body, finding and treating the cause
  • Trained in provided on-field emergency care at sporting events
  • Experts in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries to your muscles, bones and joints
  • Trained therapists returning people of all ages to a healthy active lifestyle


Does My Insurance Cover Athletic Therapy?

Wondering if your insurance provider covers Athletic Therapy treatments? The providers below cover Athletic Therapy but we recommend calling your insurance to confirm coverage before receiving treatment.

Insurance Companies that provide Athletic Therapy Coverage include: 

Green Shield Desjardin
Standard Life Claim Secure
Manulife Empire Life
Blue Cross Sun Life
Hockey Canada Reliable Life Insurance Co.


Seeing an Athletic Therapist at We-Fix-U

At We-Fix-U, our Athletic Therapists use an active rehabilitation and preventive technique approach to create individualized treatment programs for all ages or activity levels. They are registered with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Associations (CATA) as certified Athletic Therapists, designated by CAT(C). They are friendly, highly experienced, and eager to help you get back in shape. 

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