What is Cold Laser Treatment?

If you are suffering from chronic pain, inflammation or a musculokeletal condition, you have probably put some thought into alternative remedies that don’t require invasive surgery or prescription meds.

Laser therapy, also known as Low-Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT), Cold Laser therapy, and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), etc. is a light-based technology proven to be highly effective in the treatment of an extensive range of musculoskeletal conditions and arthritis pain (for hands, knees, etc). This technology is non-invasive, non-toxic and is currently used in over 60 countries.

Does Bioflex Laser Therapy Work and What are the Benefits?

Bioflex Cold Laser therapy has been proven time and time again by thousands of physicians and practitioners all over the world. The results have been astounding! It was hard to ignore the many benefits of the system. The Bioflex laser therapy systems can treat multiple conditions at once. It can be customized to fit each patients needs and it is FDA and Health Canada approved. People are always looking for a more natural way to heal and the Bioflex laser therapy helps with just that.

The therapy was featured in “The Brain’s Way of Healing”, an episode on The Nature of Things with David Suzuki on the CBC news network. The treatment has also helped to improve gout or arthritis pain, eliminate heel spurs and accelerate the healing process for broken bones and bruising. In some cases, surgery was avoided because the Bioflex treatments helped the body resolve issues on its own.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

Bioflex laser therapy combines super luminous and diodes to irradiate diseases or traumatized tissues with photons. These particles of energy are selectively absorbed by the cell membrane and intracellular molecules, encouraging a range of complex physiological reactions causing healing and restoration of normal cell structure and function.

Cold laser treatment can also enhance the body’s immune system resulting in a natural healing. 

cold laser therapy applied on patient leg

How Long is Therapy?

Each cold laser treatment takes about 15-60 minutes and your Physiotherapist will determine the number of treatments as well as the length.

What Conditions Does It Treat?

Sports and soft tissue injuries
-Ligament, tendon & muscle tears/strains
-Knee pain and dysfuncion (meniscal/ligament tears)
-Repetitive Stress Injuries
-Carpal tunnel syndrome
Rotator cuff injuries
-Tennis elbow (epicondylitis)
-Back Problems
-Arthritis in various parts of body (hands, knees, etc)
-Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)
-Spinal Stenosis
-Disc Herniation
-Inflammatory Conditions
Plantar Fasciitis

Where can I get Cold Laser Therapy?

The first step to starting your Bioflex Cold Laser Therapy treatments is to call or book an assessment with a We-Fix-U Physiotherapist here. Your Physiotherapist will assess your condition to determine if Bioflex Cold Laser therapy is the right treatment for you.

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