Head, neck and back posture at work is extremely important in the reduction and prevention of work-related pain and injury. Admittedly, most of us all sit with poor posture at some point. However it is when the person adopts poor posture for a long period of time, day in and day out, that it becomes a problem.

Do you suffer from any of these in the office…?

• Headaches
• Sharp Neck pain and muscle spasm
• ‘Locked Neck’
• Aching between the shoulder blades
• Lower back pain and stiffness
• Muscle tightness and knots in the ‘Traps’
• Disc injuries

If you do, it could be coming from the posture you are in right now!

A lot of people admit they know they have poor posture, but lack the knowledge of what to do about it and what posture they should be in. Some of the time the main cause is the set-up of the computer, the mouse, the keyboard, the type of chair, forcing the person to sit in a poor posture to see the computer screen or use the keyboard and mouse. Other times it is a lack of strength in the back muscles. But mostly it is a lack of good discipline and maintenance of correcting your posture when it slips during the day. 

Our Physiotherapists are knowledgeable in office posture and can advise you on correct layout of your workstation, teach you easy postural techniques, as well as prescribing you a great program of exercises that you can do at home or in the gym to help your strengthen your spinal and scapular muscles. They are also at hand for treatment of any pain that you suffer that is not going away and can advise on further effective Massage or Acupuncture therapy that you may need. Call us TODAY to speak to a Physiotherapist at any one of our locations.

David Evans