We Remain Open Through the Lockdown

We Follow Strict Protocols to Ensure a Clean and Safe Environment


Dear Patients,

We-Fix-U services are not affected by today’s announcement. We-fix-u remains open for in person treatments during the Ontario wide lockdown.

If you have an appointment at We-Fix-U we look forward to seeing you. If you want an appointment, we are here for you.

We-Fix-U staff and practitioners follow the highest standards for infection control, we use a 3-point COVID screening process, we continue to maintain and follow social distancing guidelines. Our protocols are strong.

Staff and patients should feel very safe and comfortable coming to We-Fix-U. We look forward to continuing the promotion of health and wellness in our community through the lock down.

Want even more protection? We have a very successful virtual therapy program that allows you to stay home and still get the help you need. Call us for a free online consultation.

We welcome all your questions, concerns, and are here to address them. Please reach out to Dave Evans (owner) for assistance at davidevans@we-fix-u.com

Your health and wellness do not need to be on lock down. We are here for you. You could make an appointment clicking here.

We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season. Cheers!

On behalf of our team at We-Fix-U,

Dave Evans


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