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Hello, my name is Dr. Clay Kosinko. It is truly an honor and privilege to serve you and your family. Whether it’s for pain relief, peak performance or stress relief….me and my team are here to help.

You will notice that my office is quite different than other doctor’s offices. Our techniques and examination is very comprehensive. Often times, utilizing specialized imaging to determine an accurate diagnosis. Then as a team, we work together on achieving our patient’s goals while striving to create positive experience that is unique to you and your family.

The Power of Health:

The forgotten solution to your family’s development, happiness and Quality of Life.

Most patients enter the office for the first time for relief of a specific symptom or pain. I utilize procedures that provide these people natural and safe care that can restore them back to a symptom free way of life. However, we have found that there is more to a healthy life than merely the absence of symptoms.

At our office, we believe that health directly coincides with how we function. Most people understand the consequences of driving their vehicle while having a misalignment…. the tires wear unevenly. Well, the same can be said about our bodies. If we are performing with “poor form” (bending, lifting, walking…) it puts strain on our bones, joints and muscles. This creates long lasting fatigue and increases the probability and frequency of flare ups/injuries.

That being said, this is why we get such great results. We start by having a comprehensive examination to determine the root cause of the problem. Then as a team, we work the 5 step formula to achieve optimal results:

Dr. Clays 5 step formula toward a better stronger you:

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Improve flexibility
  3. Strengthen weak muscles
  4. Posture correction
  5. Apply good postural and lifting habits at work/home/life

With this model, I have had the privilege to watch people revert back to a quality of life that was thought to be long forgotten and unattainable. Now they can work, play with children or grandchildren again without the scare of flare-ups, injuries or pain. I have seen others that suffered with chronic conditions for decades and with chiropractic care no longer have a single episode of their condition. I know we all want a healthy, productive and purposeful life but without proper functioning and biomechanics, health this is not possible. I am confident that the care we provide can improve your family’s level of health and enjoy life at a much higher level.

I am Dr. Clay Kosinko and I am here with you every step of the way so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family. I have no way of knowing of whether you have experienced chiropractic care prior to coming to our office but one thing that I’m not okay with is living up to your previous expectations. Our procedures are designed to keep you as the patient in mind and give you the dignity you deserve to have in life. This is the most unique doctor-patient relationship that you will experience, and welcome to it.


Dr. Clay Kosinko

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