Chiropody Assistant

Therapist at Cobourg

What am I so special at?

In a word CARING!!

Caring about our patients

– by making our department a welcoming, fun and professional place for them to visit

– by listening to and helping to address their needs

– by helping to reassure them and even distract them when they are embarrassed or uncomfortable

– by sending them condolence/celebration/get well cards signed by Chiropody team members


Caring about my co-workers/teammates

– by acknowledging and appreciating the efforts that they make whenever I can

– by assisting and pitching in regardless of the need or department

– by helping to make We-fix-U an enjoyable and fun place to work

– by organizing and celebrating special milestones in their every day lives

– by sharing a joke, funny story, patient success


Caring about We-fix-U

– by promoting our services at work and with friends, family and people who need us

– by treating everyone with respect but speaking up when I think things need to be addressed, are unfair or in my opinion just plan wrong

– by working hard everyday–coming in early, staying late or coming in on a day off whenever needed


What sets We-fix-U apart?

I can’t speak for our other 4 locations but the what sets Cobourg We-fix-U apart is the staff. From the front desk staff who set the tone and are the first line of contact with patients, to your support staff that do the “heavy lifting”, while the professionals offer superior, compassionate and successful treatments. I feel that on sight we are a team. We offer a warm, CARING professional atmosphere that our patients respond too.


About Debbie

Debbie first came to We-Fix-U about 8 years ago as a patient seeking comfort from an ingrown. Five years ago Debbie became a member of the We-Fix-U staff as a Chiropody Assistant. Debbie loves the people she works with and the difference that we all make in our patients lives.

Debbie has lived in Cobourg for close to 35 years. While raising her kids Debbie was involved in many volunteer organizations including the PTA, Cobourg Community Hockey League, Cobourg Minor Baseball and Soccer etc. Debbie and her husband Brad love to travel, cook, and spend time with their children and their two beautiful, smart and energetic grandkids Rachel and Rory. Debbie also loves to sing and belongs to the local Shout Sister Choir. If you listen you can often hear her singing Happy Birthday to a patient or along to the radio.

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