Jaini Patel, PT

Resident Physiotherapist / Cancer Rehab

Therapist at Bowmanville

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Master of Physical Therapy

Oncology Rehabilitation
Lymphedema Management

Over 9 years of experience

Social Media
Twitter: @dr_jaini_patel
YouTube channel: Jaini Patel

Jaini Patel completed her post-graduation from India with a gold medal and a national award for significant contribution during her early career. She has been practising for over 9 years. Her specialties include oncology rehabilitation for breast and prostate cancer, lymphoedema management, lifestyle modification and exercise prescription for cardiac health.

Her early experience with cancer patients deeply affected her. The impact of cancer on physical, mental, emotional and even financial well-being of patients and their closed ones, made her feel intrigued. She attended multiple courses and programs to gain knowledge and develop skills. After 7 years of experience in oncology rehabilitation, she has spent more than 5000 hours in providing care to patients suffering from cancer. Her interest and expertise had led her to contribute to a chapter in an academic book and conduct multiple seminars for fellow clinicians as well as society.

She believes that cancer patients are not just survivors, they are heroes. Her thoughts were published in an interview in Toronto Star. She understands the everyday challenges a patient with cancer and their family have to go through, sometimes for months and years after completing treatment. Living and surviving are two different words for her. She believes that everyone has the right to have a better quality of life and get the best out of it. She is passionate about developing programs in a way that helps to achieve goals desired by patients. For her, each individual is different and so are their goals; may it be reducing swelling, doing routine work without getting tired, getting back to work, or running a marathon. She is passionate about using her expertise and knowledge to optimize and improve all aspects of quality of life of patients who has or had cancer.

She enjoys nature and its beauty. She finds long runs or bicycle rides in nature very soothing and rejuvenating. She has participated in multiple 10k runs and half marathons. In her free time, she enjoys painting, writing poems, and reading books.

wefixu physiotherapist jaini patel cancer rehab resident physiotherapist profile photo
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