Kowndiya Amirthalingam 

Physiotherapy Resident

Therapist at Cobourg

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I’m here to support you and your recovery with an exceptional client focused approach to Physiotherapy.

I’d like to start off by a quick introduction. My name is Kowndiya Amirthalingam and I am a Physiotherapy graduate from Western University with an undergrad in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo.

I am excited to join the We-Fix-U team at their Cobourg location. Their mission is to support the community and their guarantee to provide an exceptional experience to all patients that aligns with my career objectives as well. I am a Rehab Professional that loves connecting with my patients while helping them reach their lifestyle and health goals.

As a resident physiotherapist, I am most well known for taking the time needed to collaborate with my patients, to provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary to maximize their function and to maintain their active healthy lifestyle. My treatment approach is based around lots of manual therapy complemented with an exercise-based foundation. My experience and track record will benefit those with Arthritic conditions. Most times a small change can achieve significant pain relief. All my treatments are 60 minutes to allow me to provide the attention and education needed to get the greatest results.

Outside the clinic, I love watching my favourite tv-shows on Netflix and trying out new and flavourful recipes in the kitchen. I love travelling and capturing moments with loved ones!

I look forward to any challenges you may need my help with.


Resident Physiotherapist

Kowndiya physiotherapist profile photo
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