Mark VPO wefixu profile picture doing physiotherapyMark McFadden

Vice President of Operations / Physiotherapist

Genuine, professional, educational and tailored effective care, are the guiding principles of Mark McFadden’s physiotherapy treatments for every client. 

Mark is a graduate of McGill University School of Physiotherapy and has over 15 years of training and diverse experience. He has provided care in both public and private physiotherapy settings, including the Adelaide Health Clinic and Synergy Sport Medicine & Rehabilitation in Toronto, Kinatex Sports Medicine Clinics, the McGill University Sport Medicine Clinic and Montreal Children’s Hospital.

He has worked with the James Bay Health and Social Services where he provided the direct physiotherapy care to the multi-community region and aided in the establishment of permanent Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy for the regional hospital, home care program and day centres.

As an educator, Mark has been an assistant instructor at McGill university for topics in advanced orthopaedics, has acted as a clinical instructor and has developed and delivered a college level training program for rehabilitation assistants.

Collaborating with athletes and artistic performers has been a critical element of Mark’s career. He has assisted in athlete development programs and injury recovery programs for athletes of all ages and calibre, including Olympic and National level athletes. Mark considers working as a physiotherapist with Les Grand Ballet Canadien de Montreal as a highlight of his career.

As a general sports enthusiast, Mark’s trains and participates in indoor and beach volleyball, running, tennis, downhill and cross country skiing. And having played hockey, badminton and gymnastics has provided key professionals skills for “return to play” physiotherapy care. Through these and other sports he has been successful in recovering from many of his own sport associated injuries and so therefore understands very well the impact injuries actually have on an individual.

Along with being a Registered Independent Practice Member of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, Mark is a member of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association and Canadian Physiotherapy Association and its Private practice, Sports and Orthopaedic divisions.

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