Peter Greaves

D. Ch, Chiropody Director / Chiropodist

Therapist at Cobourg

peter greaves chiropodist profile picture

Peter has been practicing as a Chiropodist for over 20 years. He was classmates with fellow We-Fix-U Chiropodists Cristol and Mark Smyth. Peter will probably talk your ear off while giving you lots of information on your Foot Health. He LOVES answering all your questions as he is rarely without an answer or opinion. If he is not discussing your feet, he will be discussing his favourite topics of Family and Food.

WFU is not a building it’s the people that work in the building. The Chiropody hallway is known as “the Fun Hallway”. Whether it’s Practitioners, Peter, Cristol or Mark throwing their two cents into the conversation, Debbie singing along with her friendly laugh We Fix U is FUN!

Peter tends to say to most of his patients “Your feet may not be sore at the end of your assessment but your BRAIN will be! You are going to learn so much about your feet and foot health.”

Chiropodists are members of the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. Members of this College are the only specialized and regulated foot health professionals in Ontario.

peter greaves chiropodist profile picture
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