Rashmi Moraskar

Physiotherapist / Vestibular Therapy

Therapist at CobourgPort Hope

Rashmi Moraskar Physiotherapist Wefixu Profile

I am Rashmi Moraskar, Registered Physiotherapist with over 11 years of experience. My decision to pursue physiotherapy as a career was born out of my interest in human biology and my passion for helping people in need. My decision was further strengthened by how physiotherapy helped my grandfather with his rehabilitation and recovery process following a hip replacement surgery. This passion has been deepened by my work experience in India and Canada.

I enjoy helping people of all ages who are suffering from injury, illness or disability, through exercise, joint mobilization, correcting joint mechanics, soft tissue release, education and advice. If I can have an impact on a person’s overall health, happiness and ability to live their life to the fullest then I am truly satisfied.

I have vast experience in treating orthopaedic conditions (spine, shoulder, hip, knees, ankle and fractures), motor vehicle accident injuries and concussion management, cardiac and pulmonary rehab. 

I am a Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator and Physical Demand Analysis Assessor by Metricks Education Inc. I have done courses in Mulligan mobilization concept, concussion management, treating shoulder dysfunctions. 

Being certified in vestibular therapy, I am trained to help patients recover from dizziness and vertigo. My treatment involves a series of evaluations, eye-head coordination assessments, and pre-scribed exercises. 

Rashmi Moraskar Physiotherapist Wefixu Profile
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