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Our recognition and awards are an extension of our pride and hard work, and a testament to our commitment in providing the best services, greatest experience and incredible results to the community. We simply have the best patients, and our awards are a direct reflection of their support and encouragement. Thank you for believing in us. 

2019 Northumberland This Week-Readers' Choice Award

Our Coborug Clinic and Port Hope Clinic are proud recipients of the 2019 Northumberland This Week – Readers’ Choice Award. We very much appreciate this award because it was voted by the people in our beloved communities. This recognition gives us motivation to provide better services for our clients. We were voted #1 in several categories… Click to read more

2019 Peterborough This Week-Readers' Choice Award

Our Peterborough Clinic has been awarded the 2019 Peterborough This Week – Readers’ Choice Award. This award is voted by the community every year to recognize outstanding businesses. As health care professionals who want only the best for our patients, we are proud to have received this honour.We were voted #2 in Best Foot Specialist… Click to read more

2019 Oshawa / Whitby This Week-Readers' Choice Award

It’s been an eventful year and we’re honoured to receive the Oshawa / Whitby This Week – Readers’ Choice Award. The award means a lot to us because it was voted by the people in our community. We’re grateful for making a difference in our patients’ lives because after all, Life is Better Pain Free. We were awarded in not just one but nine different categories. Click to read more

2019 Clarington This Week - Readers' Choice Award

We are so happy to be the proud recipients of the 2019 Clarington This Week – Readers’ Choice Award. This is important to us because the award was chosen by the community of Clarington and patient satisfactions mean a lot to us Health Care Professionals. We were voted #1 in Physiotherapy Clinic / Services, Chiropractor, and Foot Care Clinic. Click to read more.

Recipient of the 2018 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

We-fix-u are the proud recipient of the 2018 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. The 15th Annual Peterborough Business Excellence Awards were handed out on October 17th, 2018 at the ceremony at Showplace Performance Centre. The Entrepreneurial Spirit award recognizes businesses that demonstrated leadership and a strong work ethic. Click to read more

Reader’s Choice Award Winner for 17 Years in a Row

Thank You Northumberland, for voting for us #1 in 3 categories for the 17th year in a row. Congratulations to the Staff at We-fix-u Cobourg and Port Hope for winning the Northumberland News Reader’s Choice Award. Click to read more

2018 Clarington This Week - Readers' Choice Award

Congratulations to the staff at we-fix-u Bowmanville for winning the 2018 Clarington This Week – Readers’ Choice Award. Thank you Clarington for voting us #1 in physiotherapy and chiropody. We also want to take this chance to thank our hardworking and committed staff. Click to read more.

2016 Business Achievement Award (BAA) Winner

We-fix-u are the proud recipient of the 2016 Business Achievement Award for Business of the Year – Health and Wellness. Our purpose is simple. Our purpose is to help, whether it be to help people get better, to help people live healthier lifestyles, or just to help people in our community in any way that we can. Click to read more.

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