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Individual Clinic Location Reviews

Cobourg Clinic – 727 William St.

Cobourg wefixu physiotherapist vikrant helping patient with back and hip pain via physiotherapy treatment1wefixu cobourg physio clinic interior with multiple patient beds and rehab equipment1customer loves wefixu cobourgWefixu Cobourg Office Exterior with windows and signs and parked car

Vik, I am sincerely grateful for your skill and dedication. Twice you have treated the symptoms but have also searched for the root cause. Each time you have improved the quality of my life significantly. You have restored my confidence and have enabled me to return to the things I love.

Gratefully, Heather

Hi, everyone I am a current patient at we fix u, and the service is great upon arriving and leaving. My therapist is great and since I started 3 visits ago and keeping up with my homework exercises, I am feeling improvement already and feeling good about it. My therapist listens and is considerate of my pain level and takes the time too chat and makes sure I understand the positions and movements of my homework exercises so they are helping with fixing me.
Thank you We-Fix-You, Thank you Amsad!

– Debbie Oison 

Yesterday my back was (sorely) out of control. My therapist immediately provided a heating pad and gave me some excellent stretching exercises.

Woke up this morning virtually pain-free.

Thanks so much. Cheers.



I can relax immediately because after four visits, this centre is surrounded with friendly, upbeat staff! They all work together so well, and you aren’t sitting very long after arriving. (Even the patients seem happy to be there:) Thank you Jennifer for the neck/shoulder massage. 

- Janice Here

I am very happy with my experience with We Fix You in Peterborough. Seham my physiotherapist is exceptional and gives 100 percent to help with my recovery. I also had my first message with Michelle today. It was a great experience. She truly is an expert in her field. Thanks to Laura and Jennifer also for their caring and friendly service. Totally recommend this amazing team !!

– Anne Henry 

Peter & staff were amazing with our 11year old son. They took the time to explain every step of care in a fun interactive way. An all around pleasant experience.

– Sarah Hilwerda 

I wish to thank Bev and her physio assistants for a tremendous physio service post my knee replacement surgery. Efficient, personable, and fun!

– Kamiel Gabriel

Always friendly and professional. Great people to deal with for many issues.

– Donna Campbell

I am exceedingly impressed with the professionalism that I have received in every interaction that I have had with the staff or the management at We-Fix-U. As a chiropodist that also owns a clinical practice, their clinical staff (chiropodists and assistants) are technically advanced and have advanced clinical knowledge. I easily refer to them regularly as I know that my clients will receive the attention and care I know they deserve. We-Fix-U's management approach their jobs with a professionalism that I would deem second to none. There is no other medical practice in Ontario that functions more efficiently, more successfully, with a more caring attitude and with the most successful outcomes to the treatment of physical ailments than We-Fix-U. Keep up the amazing work team!

– Erin Lambert Fairbanks 

After my accident they where a great help at getting me moving again with much less pain

– Wayne Hodgson

Bowmanville Clinic – 196 King St. E

I would like to comment on the wonderful treatments I have been receiving by Bhumi Sha. She truly is amazing at what she does. She is a true professional, she has really helped me with my injury. I feel so much better and I know it’s because of her treatments. She is friendly and makes you feel like she cares, which I truly believe she does. She is passionate about her job and I am grateful for finding her. I feel you need to know this as I think she is a great asset to your clinic. I actually thought she was the owner, due to her professionalism and attention to detail. Also Cara at the front desk is amazing and is very friendly and professional. I will most definitely recommend people to attend We fix you and see Bhumi.


- Suzanne

client testimonials for bowmanville physiotherapy clinicI have had a very positive experience at We-Fix-U Bowmanville. I am grateful to the staff for all their help with my lower back issue. I got to know Kira as a welcoming, competent and accommodating receptionist. Her clear voice is appreciated. Mehul is a skillful Physiotherapist who analyzes and approaches his clients with knowledge and action. His sense of humour and conversations added to the therapy. Nick has great helping hands during thorough massage treatments. Our discussions made time fly under his ease. Thank you to all for your help to get an old guy going again. 

-Robert Robinson

Great friendly service. If the stars went to 10 I would rate a solid 10 for the staff and compassion these professionals give. Keep up the good service and care and I would recommend We Fix u to anyone.

– Shelia 

November 25, 2020 - Expressions of Gratitude

Just wanting to thank all staff at We-Fix-You Bowmanville. Everyone here are so easy going, thoughtful, accommodating to each one’s needs. Always pleasant from Reception Kiera, Assistant Sasha, Mehul Physiotherapist, Michelle, and Nick Massage Therapists. Had the pleasure of being introduced to David (Manager). Ver pleasant and nice. I cannot say enough good for this clinic. All friendly, pleasant, efficient, caring, thoughtful, kind. Extremely thoughtful and caring! This whole program from start to finish is healing in itself. Just wanted to say “Thanks to each of you” and blessings.

-Valerie Heatherington

Very caring and highly professional staff. They listen to their patients and ensure treatment plan is reviewed and modified to ensure the best results. I have no problem giving a five star review.

– Victor Humphreys

The staff are very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. They have a traditional approach to physio, which has been very effective. There are more services here than I have personally used, but I can attest to the relaxed environment and care that they provide.

– James Hillman

Not only knowledgeable, also friendly and welcoming, the staff here are fantastic. I was apprehensive on my first visit but was made to feel comfortable and have had great success during my ongoing care. I would definitely recommend this team to anyone.

- Eric Tansley

Incredible staff, service and experience! After four visits I have amazing improvement in my mobility! Thank you so much to everyone at this location for getting me through my injury and improving my quality of life!

– Mark Johannsson 

I have been using the Peterborough location since shortly after they opened. I followed "my" physiotherapist (Julie) there when she moved, as she has been my therapist for quite a long time. The staff are all extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The added bonus is they will do direct billing to my insurance provider removing that additional responsibility from me. Very pleased and highly recommend. In fact I referred my spouse to them (Julie) and she is as happy with the service as I am.

– C W Smart

All around amazing! The staff is all great! They are all very educated and know how to help with specific problems! AMAZING!

– Shanick Logan

People are super friendly and welcoming and they know what they’re doing! Absolutely love this place! Definitely recommend!

– Danielle Edmondson 


Oshawa Clinic – 1335 Benson Street

Wefixu Oshawa Physiotherapist and Pain Free Graduate Holding I love Physiotherapist Signwefixu oshawa physiotherapist lifts patient's arm up to help her relieve frozen shoulder painPhysiotherapist wearing a face shield helping a patient relief pain on the bedPhysiotherapist staff and recovered patient holding a t shirtOsahwa Physiotherapist Assistant standing beside a recovered patient who has recoveredOsahwa Physiotherapist standing beside a recovered patient holding a graduation paperWefixu Osahwa Physiotherapist and recovered physio patient who holds her cane up in the airOshawa treatment room with two beds and curtainsassistant helping motor vehicle accident patient with his paperworkOshawa Physio clinic showing two receptionists sitting at the reception desk with protective boardsWefixu oshawa physiotherapy clinic building exterior

I have had extremely positive experiences with all of the staff over the last couple of years. I am always thoroughly impressed with Sarika’s knowledge, professionalism and kindness. They will “fix you” - if you do your part and do your exercises!

– Erin Collins

Sarika Jha is the best. I had vertigo, and after 3 vestibular therapy, I am totally fine. This clinic really is the best. I am continuing to go now for physio on my neck that has been in agony for years. Highly recommend.

– Melody Phillips

Severely messed up my shoulder and they are doing fantastic at pain management. Working now on getting the arm and shoulder working properly again. The physiotherapists really take an interest in your care and work hard to "FIX U". I have been to other places and this one has really impressed me so far.

– Andrew Phillips

First time at this location but was made comfortable because I was able to work with my long time RMT Roxy.

– Orin Bristol

First time at this location but was made comfortable because I was able to work with my long time RMT Roxy.

– Orin Bristol

I saw Sarika at this clinic for vestibular rehab. Sarika is very knowledgeable in this area, thoughtful and caring. Her sole goal is to help you get better and it shows. Sarika is patient and kind and worked with me to work through not only my condition but also all of the emotions that come with it. I would recommend that anyone who has or think they may have a vestibular disorder see Sarika without delay.

– Melissa Dorsey

All the services in ONE location is a huge benefit!! Great place with great staff! Highly recommend!

-Ashley McKnight

Really thorough and great staff. I’ve had back problems for 15 years and for the first time ever I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

– Lindsey Valliant

Sarika and Dee thank you very much for the excellent treatment I received. You have helped me a great deal. No more pain and I got my mobility back! Thank you so much to the whole team. 

– Willy De Jong

I had a knee replacement in December and when I was ready I had PHYSIOTHERAPY at OSHAWA. As it so happens Mark was covering for Sarika and I have nothing but positive things to say about him and Dee!! Mark was knowledgeable, caring, informative and as was Dee
Great experience and I would recommend your facility to others!!

Thanks Mark and Dee

– George Kedzierski

The help and services We-Fix-U provides is wonderful. All staff are very friendly and accommodating, and the doctors/specialists are very knowledgeable; you can easily count on them to help you with whatever may be your problem. I have been seeing Kervi and Stephen on a regular basis for physiotherapy and massage therapy (respectively) for my feet and calves, and my situation has improved with the help of their services and exercises they have recommended to me. Plus, their prices are very fair.

– Hail F

Love this place. Great staff.

– Samanthi De Zoysa 

I am so glad I found this place! Everyone is so friendly and accommodating. The hours are great which means I don't have to take a sick day or vacation day to get my treatment. Mark is my physiotherapist and I call him by miracle worker! Beautiful personality and has good results. Highly recommend We-Fix-U.

– Sylvie Labelle 

Really great staff. The receptionist and assistance is awesome and the therapist works wonders. I would recommend this clinic to anyone!

– Sarah Mattai

People in pain. This place has a heated salt water pool. I have had chronic pain for years and their pool program has "fixed" that problem. The staff are great and make you feel like family. Highly recommend this place.

– Michelle Star

Excellent Physio Therapist -Kervi .The other staff are friendly and very helpful submitting insurance forms etc.

– Sandra Reid Swanson

Huge thank you to both Sarika Jha, the physiotherapist and Rajah Karam, the chiropractor for getting me back to optimum health. Would have still been flat on my back if not for their healing hands and knowledge about the biomechanics of my spine. THANK YOU!!

– Jacqueline Garrett

Great staff and the therapy is working fabulously!

– Eric Simmons

Port Hope Clinic – 125 Toronto Rd

Wefixu Port Hope physiotherapy clinic physiotherapist with patient who recovered from wrist fractureWefixu Port Hope physiotherapy clinic patient graduation from ohip physio program1 full sizewefixu port hope physiotherapy assistant russell using restoragun on patient's leg for pain reliefWefixu Port Hope Physiotherapists and staff group photo infront of the clinicWefixu Port Hope Physiotherapy clinic exterior

Wefixu port hope patient review noteI had x-rays on March 2021. Deteriorating lower discs and pinched sciatic nerve. I started physiotherapy with Rashmi Morasakar in late April. It is a slow process with very little improvement in the first month. Her therapy and exercises have now improved my mobility and reduced my lower back pain. Now I can enter and exit our cars with minimal discomfort. I look forward to improved results as amy treatments continue.

Edgar Waller, Port Hope, Age 78 – June 24/2021

I can’t speak for all the locations but if they are like the one in Port Hope, JP, Russ, and everyone else in this location are simply amazing to deal with! JP is magic and he’s not happy until you’re happy. If you have any issues that they cover, GO, 100% satisfied with everything they did for me. I can’t thank you enough 👍

- Glen M

I was very impressed with the knowledge, ability and professionalism of my physiotherapist team. Justine was amazing. When I came in, my legs were bowed, I had constant pain, even at rest. Today, I have straight legs, muscle-tone and strength in my legs. I have very little pain and only when I over use my legs. A special thanks to Russ for all his help.

-Christina Summer

I have been going to Port Hope We-Fix-You for 3 weeks now. What an amazing place and great people my Therapist is Rashmi she is a very nice lady who listens and makes me feel at ease when i walk into the building. Always a pleasant experience and a quick laugh im glad i came to We-Fix-You

-Tom Clegg

Rashmi is a skilled and proficient therapist with a very considerate professional manner. She provided an effective course of treatment for my lower back pain, and I recommend her warmly.

-Carolyn Tuohy

Many years ago I had knee surgery & just recently a knee replacement on that same knee. According to the surgeon, the old surgery had created a great deal of scar tissue, which would make for a longer/slower recovery. I asked the surgeon where I should go for physio-he recommended We Fix U in Port Hope. On my 1st visit it was clear to JP, my physiotherapist, that this would not be the typical 5 or 6 physio appointments after a knee replacement, that it would in fact be longer. Right from the beginning I appreciated the professionalism, enthusiasm, & motivation they inspired, by not only JP but also from Russ as well. JP constantly reassessed, adjusted & modified the exercises to fit my increasing capabilities. On the days I was frustrated with my progress, they were always the voice of encouragement. Yesterday I saw the surgeon, 12 weeks after surgery. He was THRILLED at how far my knee had come along. I still have work to do to make my knee even better but I know I wouldn’t be where I am now without the care I received at We Fix U. Thank you to the entire team for making it such a positive experience! I am so grateful.

-Donna Paxton

I came to the PH Clinic with a major foot problem and was luckily assigned to Rashmi for treatment. Rashmi gave me a series of exercises which have been incredibly helpful. What is most important for me is her explanation of the various exercises - why and what they will do to correct my problem. She has great observation skills to determine whether I am making progress. I would recommend Rashmi to anyone.

-Ken Morden

Penny the physio assistant is absolutely fantastic!!! She makes adjustments based on your physical needs and limitations. Not only does she smile and is so cheerful and approachable but such a nice person. She is the kind of person to work with the public and if her boss values her there should be a raise in her near future!!!

-George Kedzierski

I wanted to send a huge thank you to JP and the Port Hope physio team for getting my daughter Aidan ready for her summer of rodeo. Without your amazing team she would not have been ready to compete this summer and would still be in considerable pain as taking time off riding is not an option she would consider. 

JP worked with her to make sure she was comfortable with all of the stretches and exercises so that she could continue them on her own and it’s working. She is stronger and feeling better than ever. Thanks.

- Kari Mustard

All staff friendly and attentive. Physiotherapy staff is great. Orthodics fitting went smoothly and they fit perfectly.

– David Kokocinski 

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Always on time.

– Lisa McIsaac

Friendly competent staff fixing me well

– Fred Down

A clinic that offers a variety of health care professionals for any need.

- Gerald Demooy

The physiotherapists are great.

– Lois Koreger

After my accident they where a great help at getting me moving again with much less pain

– Wayne Hodgson

Great staff who are all very knowledgeable in their fields.

- Eryn Smelt

Good place, excellent staff seemingly extremely over qualified.

– Jeff Smith

Peterborough Clinic – 1500 Lansdowne St. West

Just a quick note to thank you & your staff for a positive, progressive & caring experience during my physio. You have a great staff who clearly follow solid leadership from you. Collectively you and your staff provide a welecomign and interactive enviornment. I will gladly recommend your practise to friends and fmaily in the future.

Cheers, Aage Smies

Hello, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to this clinic for all their pleasant and courteous assistance. Especially Justine, her knowledge and direction for all aspects of my treatments was fantastic. My pain levels decreased and are now manageable. Professional all the way..🤗

Thank you
Judith Kowalchuk

3 months ago I was x-rayed & told I needed knee sugery on my right knee that I had injured skiing in my early 20's. I'm 69 now. I heard about "GLAD" - Registered & have been working with Julie' for 3 weeks. Met with Ortho pre surgery consultation. They have reivewed my progress to date & have advised against surgery at this time as the strengthening exercises have made an improvement in my mobility & reduced my pain level substantially. I high recommend the "GLAD" program.

- Marilyn Turton

I just wanted to pass along a couple pictures from my mountain climb and thank you and Michelle for all your help! I don't think I would have been capable of getting to these heights without it

- Dan Savery, Little Tahoma, Seattle

I can't say enough positive things about this clinic. I saw Julie and she was amazing - very knowledgeable and compassionate and really took the time with me I needed to understand what was going on with me. Would recommend her and We Fix U to anyone

– Sabrina P

The treatment is fantastic. Highly recommend. After 9 months of chronic pain I have improvements after the first visit.

– Alison Webb

Absolutely fantastic physiotherapy clinic. Julie is knowledgeable, understanding, and incredibly supportive. The treatment i have received under her care for a traumatic shoulder injury has quite literally changed my life. It is wonderful to be in the care of a facility that actively advocates for their clients’ health. I honestly can not say enough wonderful things about We Fix U, and highly recommend them.

– Karen Coats

I have attended many physio clinics in the past and none have compared to the treatment I received at We Fix-U Peterborough. My physiotherapist Julie was amazing and for once my back pain is gone. Would highly recommend anyone needing treatment to check them out!!

– Kim DeCoste

Have always had good service. It is nice to go to physiotherapist that takes the time to work on you. It is not the in and out in 15 min.

– Todd Field 

Julie treated me with laser for my back pain and I found it really helpful at relieving my pain so I can continue with my hectic work schedule. Thanks Very great experience

– Wanda Russelle 

We-Fix-U Physio are an awesome group. I would reccommend them to anyone that needs real help. ?

– Gale Ellis

Friendly staff that care and put their patients first.

– Julia Ross

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