We are Introducing a New Program

PREHAB is a program for anyone that is considering hip or knee replacement surgery.

What is PREHAB?

PREHAB is an Evidence based therapeutic program for people going in for hip or knee replacement surgery. The current evidence suggests that people who received PREHAB before hip or knee replacement surgery have a better recovery, especially in strength and quality of life after the surgery.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is going for hip or knee replacement surgery should consider taking this comprehensive program at least 6 – 8 weeks prior to your surgery.

What we do?

Initial assessment, detailed education about what to expect after the hip/knee replacement surgeries, tailored one on one exercise sessions focusing on range of motion, strengthening, balance and gait.

Would this Program benefit  me Post-Surgery?

Pre or Post-surgery this program will help you gain strength, balance and range of motion. It is highly recommended by Doctors to participate in specific rehab programs like this one.

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